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tell me the story of us (or, why i love writers)

My person is a real magnet for great stories in whatever form they present. Via music/books/delectable fare/films/the sidewalk. A recent recommendation she made was Frances Ha.

Not to origami, but when Frances asks her person to tell ‘the story of us’ I felt that ticklish thing at my temples that only happens when I’ve been laughing too hard and too long—or when I’m considering something tricksy.

Because if you’re lucky, your person’s work is to experience the wonder of knowing, fighting with, alarming, pushing, celebrating and believing in you. And if you’re really lucky, your person can articulate that story in a way that is so true and beautiful that it trancends hurt or embarrassment and plunges right into the thick of the fight you’re fighting.

Which is, I think, why I surrounded myself with writers.


So, as we approach our fourth year of making environmental portraits for writers, we’re as excited as ever to be illumined by the animating spark of the individual writers we’ll work with and to read their good words. 

We’ll start in California and make our way east, so if you—or your person—are looking reimagine your dust jacket or rearrange your social media ahead of that forthcoming book deal, let us know.

See you soon, you articulators of the fantastic, you fighters of the good fight.

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at john muir’s invitation: san jacinto peak

IMG_5081 copy

We were on the couch and a few episodes into The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, discussing how maybe we should celebrate naturalist John Muir in some way—a tree-climbing, good bread eating/tea drinking way. And then came Muir’s exclamation, “The view from San Jacinto is the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth!” We looked at each other. And google maps. And we began heating water for the thermos. An hour and a bit away from my bungalow: this.









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edenic: with the girls in manitou springs, co

LBA_6497 copy

I was on assignment recently in the Rockies and so had the chance to visit Manitou with Eden and her family for some photographs. We’ve been rendezvousing for most of her years now—making photographs and making time to play. I am always excited to see Eden and the girl’s mirthful wildness never disappoints. As her relationship with her sister blooms, their dynamic has become the locus for much of the laughter we share.




More Penny Arcade, more better?



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