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the neighborhood’s bard: alessandra simmons in chicago’s lincoln square

I first met Alessandra at a house party. We were celebrating the birthday of a mutual friend who, as was his want inView full post »

new orleans, louisiana: 5:31:22–5:34:12 pm

(on the block where, after a Rebirth show four years ago, it became evident that Audrey + Elliot would be a very goodView full post »

la vie boheme: a little spark + tumble near you

The past few months we’ve been shooting in some of my favorite places on the planet—from San Francisco to Amman,View full post »

the third coast (hearts) tuscany: an engagement session in chicago’s ravenswood

You know that moment when you’re packing your backpack—passport, swimsuit, little black dress, sensible walkingView full post »

the fantastic family R in grand rapids, michigan

Mrs. R always wanted twins. A boy and a girl, she thought, would be perfect. Her best friend in college, a kick-ass,View full post »

la nada: light and the beauty of nothing

Castillo de San Cristobal is a few blocks from the house, so yesterday I walked over with the upstairs neighborView full post »

amman, jordan: the citadel sessions

Now booking half-hour personal or group photo sessions at the Amman Citadel. Family photos for loved ones back home, aView full post »

of rottschunds and ankylosauri: at play with evan in chicago

Evan with Bourbon, his loyal rottschund. Balloons are nice, but dinosaurs are even better—and E’s favorite?View full post »

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