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helen vs. the haters: fat shaming in the lbc

Helen lights up like the most talented of the models I’ve worked with and I can tell immediately thatView full post »

joyeux anniversaire: ryan + marissa in new york city, new york

The secret to long-lived love is a cocktail of maleability, forgiveness, and good humor. The secret to long-lived loveView full post »

in the garden of bok choi and kale: juliana’s afternoon visit

In my childhood neighborhood, Ms. Penner occupied the white clapboard at the end of the block. She cultivated bloodView full post »

talking to pretty girls: fashion photographer for a day

When I was in second grade, I stumbled on a biography series. Washington Elementary had a whole library bookshelfView full post »

embedded: a domestic documentary of your own

We’re happy to introduce our domestic documentary series. The visual vocabulary of home is rich. And theView full post »

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